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Our aim is to provide you with a FREE online tool to learn the Korean language.

This merely forms a basis of your learning but if you really want to excel in your foreign language skill then I would suggest that you pay a visit to the great country of Korea.

Who are we? we are a group of Korean teachers based around the world and strive to promote the korean culture to the masses.

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Lesson 10 Numbers and Counting

(472 total words in this text)
In Korean there are two sets of numbers which are used when counting, the first set are known as pure Korean numbers, and the other are Sino-korean which is based on the chinese numerals.
The use of these numbers depends on the context in which it is used, for example the pure korean numbers are used when counting hours, and the sino korean when used to count minutes.

kong 0  
il 1   shibil 11   ishibil 21
i 2 shibi 12 ishibi 22
sam 3 shipsam 13 ishipsam 23
sa 4 shipsa 14 ishipsa 24
o 5 shibo 15    
yuk 6 shimnyuk 16    
ch'il 7 shipch'il 17    
p'al 8 shipp'al 18    
ku 9 shibku 19 ishipku 29
ship 10 iship 20 samship 30
saship 40
kuship 90
paek 100
ch'on 1000
man 10,000


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