Basics - Lesson 2 - Double Vowels (모음) Lesson

eir yeir ere yere wa where wo weo  
weou wei              


In Korean there are basic vowels that you should take note of are the 10 basic vowels, these are ㅏ(a),ㅑ(ya),ㅓ(eo),ㅕ(yeo), ㅗ(o), ㅛ(yo), ㅜ(u), ㅠ(yu), ㅡ(eu), ㅣ(e).
In order to compose the double vowels, you would use a combination of these 10 basic vowels in order to compose of double vowels to create the 11 new double vowels, these are as above ㅐ(ae),ㅒ(yae), ㅔ(e), ㅖ(ye), ㅘ(wa), ㅙ(wae), ㅚ(oe), ㅝ(wo), ㅞ(weh), ㅟ(wui), ㅢ(ui).

The exception to the combinations of double vowels are ㅙ and ㅞ. These are combined by adding ㅗ to ㅐand ㅜ to ㅔ.