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Our aim is to provide you with a FREE online tool to learn the Korean language.

This merely forms a basis of your learning but if you really want to excel in your foreign language skill then I would suggest that you pay a visit to the great country of Korea.

Who are we? we are a group of Korean teachers based around the world and strive to promote the korean culture to the masses.

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Learn Korean + New revamp site coming soon +

We are pleased to announce some amazing upcoming news, after many years of having the same site format, we will be releasing a new updated version of our site soon, we are just finishing the last minute touches before it is ready to be released.
New features will include better user experience for learning korean and more classes will be available.

Welcome to Learn Korean dot Net

We are an independent online korean learning resource site, offering various free learning tools for speaking, reading and writing we also provide a unique online community forum featuring teachers to help you learn as you go.
Learn Korean has developed from a small language site, to one of the largest learning website online.

We will teach you in gradual phases, and will also provide you with a forum, where you can ask each other, as well as our teachers for help. We will also recommend a wide variety of online language learning tools, in the event that you wish to take your learning further, and will give you guidance in order to allow you to achieve this aim. We encourage all students to learn at their own pace, since their learning is dependent on their abilities.

Please Note that when using this online language learning site, you need to set your encoding to Korean, to be able to read the Korean Text.

To do this right click -> select encoding -> select Korean.

Learning the Korean language online for FREE

How to study Korean

We would love to hear some feedback from you guys about classes and toppics that you would like to seen from our learning korean classes and tutorials, feel free to email us with your suggestions or leave feedbacks on our wall.

Here at Learn Korean, we are pleased to announce that we have updated our Learn Korean forums so now you can sign up and join for free. Your old passwords wont work for the new site, so you will need to set new ones up for it.

Learn Korea .net
Learn Korean Visitor writes "합창의장 핵관련 발언 "반북정책 대변‥사죄 않으면 남북대화 전면 차단"

(평양 조선중앙통신=연합뉴스) 한승호 기자 = 북한 조선중앙통신의 군사논평원은 30일 김태영 합참의장이 국회 인사청문회에서 한 북한의 핵공격 대책 관련 답변에 대해 취소.사죄하지 않으면 모든 남북대화가 전면 차단될 것이라는 입장을 재확인하면서 "우리식의 앞선 선제타격이 일단 개시되면 불바다 정도가 아니라 모든 것이 잿더미로 된다는 것을 명심해야 한다"고 경고했다.

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News from Korean media sources

머니투데이 스타뉴스 정상흔 기자] 댄 브라운의 동명 인기소설을 극화한 영화 ‘다빈치 코드’(사진)가 오는 5월 개최되는 제59회 칸국제영화제에서 첫 공개된다.

22일(현지시각) 외신에 따르면, 론 하워드 감독의 ‘다빈치 코드’가 올해 제59회 칸국제영화제(5월17~28일) 개막일인 17일 비경쟁 부문에서 첫 공개된다. 미국 개봉은 5월 19일.

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