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Last update: Monday, June 18, 2018

We are an independent online korean learning resource site, offering various free learning tools for speaking, reading and writing we also provide a unique online community forum featuring teachers to help you learn as you go. Learn Korean has developed from a small language site, to one of the largest learning website online. Korean is historically a unique alphabet system with a rich history behind it, its grammar is different to that of English so first impressions are that Korean is backwards compared to English. At first sounds are indifferent and some may sound unusual at first but over time you will get use to it. Koreani s grammatically related to japanese and mongolian belongs to altaic family or languages historiacally many koreans are diseendents of chiense but the languages are not simmilar between them. The Korean script / alphabet is one of the most special languages in the world, it consists of one essentially special feature that would set it apart from most languages. In English we generally write from left to right hand side and generate worlds in that order, however in Korean, you would generate worlds in syllable blocks.
Beginner Classes
Start learning Korean with our FREE beginner classes, learn at your own pace.
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Intemediate Classes
Once you have completed the beginner course, you can move onto our intermediate classes.
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Advanced Classes
For more advanced students, once you have mastered the intermediate classes, try some more complex examples.
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Other Lessons
Have a look at some of information about Korean cities and other resources that are available.
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Basics - Lesson 1 - Hangul Alphabet System Lesson

Monday, June 18, 2018

Start learning Korean from the basics.

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Intermediate Lessons

Monday, June 18, 2018

Try some of our Intermediate classes.

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Basics - Lesson 2 - Double Vowels (모음) Lesson

Monday, June 18, 2018

Learn Korean Double Vowels (모음).


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How to learn korean?

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We will teach you in gradual phases, and will also provide you with a forum, where you can ask each other, as well as our teachers for help. We will also recommend a wide variety of online language learning tools, in the event that you wish to take your learning further, and will give you guidance in order to allow you to achieve this aim. We encourage all students to learn at their own pace, since their learning is dependent on their abilities.

How to study Korean?

We would love to hear some feedback from you guys about classes and toppics that you would like to seen from our learning korean classes and tutorials, feel free to email us with your suggestions or leave feedbacks on our wall.

Here at Learn Korean, we are pleased to announce that we have updated our Learn Korean forums so now you can sign up and join for free. Your old passwords wont work for the new site, so you will need to set new ones up for it.

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