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  • Gongju City of Korea
    Gongju is the previous capital of the Baekje Kingdom amid Korea's Three Kingdoms period. While the Baekje Dynasty gone on for an aggregate of 678 years from 660 BC to 18 AD, Gongju, alluded to at the time as Ungjin, remained the capital for quite a bit of that time, with power at last being given to contiguous Buyeo in 538 AD and remaining there until Korea's unification under the southern Silla Dynasty. In the years before the Silla intrusion numerous Baekje natives fled to current Japan.

    All things considered, today, Gongju is a noteworthy tourism drawcard of the South Chungcheong zone, especially among Japanese travelers of certain ethnic drop, inquisitive about their old roots. Or, on the other hand maybe basically straying from the hot springs resort not far off. Besides, it is likewise one of the numerous players in the apparently endless battle to move South Korea's authoritative capital out of Seoul, with the more prominent Gongju are having highlighted in two of the four top recommendations for another capital.
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