Learn Korean exercises - Learn Korean exercises - questions & answers - part 2

Welcome to our sections on our online exercises part2, here you are able to help learn and improve your korean by participating in our question and answer section.
You can find in our questions the question written in Korean and you can also see it in Konglish as well as the English translation.
Once you think you know what the answer is you can check out the answers in the side column containing the Korean translations as well as the Konglish and English.
Question Answer
잘 지냈어요?
jal jinaesseoyo
How are you?

저는 잘 지내요.
cheoneun jal jinaeyo
I am fine.

잘 지냈어요?
jal jinaesseoyo
How are you?

저는 잘 지내지 못했어요.
cheoneun jal jinaeji motaesseoyo
I am not well.

영어 할 수 있어요?
yeongeo hal su isseoyo
Can you speak English?

한국어 조금 할 수 있어요.
hangugeo jogeum hal su isseoyo
I can speak a little Korean.

영어 할 수 있어요?
yeongeo hal su isseoyo
Can you speak English?

한국어 못해요.
hangugeo motaeyo
I cannot speak Korean.

몇살 이세요?
myeotsal iseyo
How old are you?

저는 30(마흔)살 이에요.
cheoneun 40(maheun)sal ieyo
I am 30 years old.

어디에 가요?
odie gayo
Where are you going?

학교에 가요.
hakkyo gayo
I am going to school.

일이 언제예요?
saengili eonjeyeyo
When is your birthday?

6(유)월 21(이십일)일이에요.
6(yu)wol 21(isibil)ilieyo.
It is June 21st.

생일이 며칠이에요?
ssaengili myeochilieyo
What day is your birthday?

음력 5(오)월 26(이십육)일이에요.
eumryeok 5(o)wol 26(isimnyuk)ilieyo.
My lunar calendar birthday is May 26th.

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