Intermediate - Lesson 4 - Learning how to Say Korean Dates Lesson

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Learning how to pronounce the dates of the month such as the 1st or the 2nd is very simple and easy process. All you do is take the chinese derived numbers such as Il, ee, sam, sa, ect and add an Il or Ril (reel) at the end. The reason you add Ril at the end sometimes is when the number ends in L. For example Il and pal both end in L so you make the ending a Ril.

1st---I-ril (Ee-reel)

2nd---I-il (Ee-eel)

3rd---Sam-il (Sam-eel)

4th---Sa-il (Sah-eel)

5th---O-il (Oh-eel)

6th---Yuk-il (Yuke-eel)

7th---Chi-ril (Che-reel)

8th---Pa-ril (Pah-reel)

9th---ku-il (kuu-eel)

10th---Ship-il (Sheep-eel)

11th---Ship-i-ril (Sheep-ee-reel)

12th---Ship-i-il (Sheep-ee-reel)

13th---Ship-sam-il (Sheep-sam-eel)

14th---Ship-sa-il (Sheep-sah-eel)

15th---Ship-o-il (Sheep-oh-eel)

16th---Shim-nyuk-il (Sheem-nyuke-eel)

17th---Ship-chi-ril (Sheep-chee-reel)

18th---Ship-pa-ril (Sheep-pah-reel)

19th---Ship-ku-ril (Sheep-kuu-reel)

20th---I-ship-il (Ee-sheep-eel)

21th---I-ship-i-ril (Ee-sheep-ee-reel)

22nd---I-ship-i-il (Ee-sheep-ee-eel)

23rd---I-ship-sam-il (Ee-sheep-sam-eel)

24th---I-ship-sa-il (Ee-sheep-sah-eel)

25th---I-ship-o-il (Ee-sheep-oh-eel)

26th---I-shim-nyuk-il (Ee-sheem-nyuke-eel)

27th---I-ship-chi-ril (Ee-sheep-chee-reel)

28th---I-ship-pa-ril (Ee-sheep-pah-reel)

29th---I-ship-ku-il (Ee-sheep-kuu-eel)

30th---Sam-ship-il (Sam-sheep-eel)

31th---Sam-ship-i (Sam-sheep-ee)

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