Intermediate - Lesson 2 - How to say the Time in Korean Lesson

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When talking about time (minutes, hours) in korean, it is common to use the korean-based numbers. Time, as in "What time is it?" is shi (she). Time in the sense of the hour is shigan (she-gahn). In the sense of a period of time, it is kigan (kee-gahn). When used in the sense of occasion (some other time), it is ttae (ttay). Minute is pun(poon) or bun (boon).

1 O'clock---Hanshi (Hahn-she)

2 O'clock---Tu-shi (Tuu-she)

3 O'clock---Se-shi (Say-she)

4 O'clock---Ne-shi (Nay-she)

5 O'clock---Tasot-shi (Tah-saht-she)

6 O'clock---Yosot-shi (Yoe-saht-she)

7 O'clock---Ilgop-shi (Eel-gope-she)

8 O'clock---Yodol-shi (Yoe-doel-she)

9 O'clock---Ahop-shi (Ah-hope-she)

10 O'clock---Yol-shi (Yole-she)

11 O'clock---Yolhan-shi (Yahl-hahn-she)

12 O'clock---Yoltu-shi (Yole-tuu-she)

A.M.---Ojon (Oh-jahn)

P.M.---Ohu (Oh-huu)

Night---Pam (Pahm)

Five minutes after four---Ne-shi-obun (Nay-she oh-boon)

Fifteen minutes after five---Tasot -shi-shibo-bun (Tah-soet-she she-boe-boon)

Six-thirty---Yosot-shi-samship-pun (Yoe-soet-she sahm-ship-poon)

Six-forty---Yoso-shi-saship-pun (Yoe-soet she-sah-ship-poon)

What time is it?---Myot-shi-imnikka? (Myaht-shi-eem-nee-kkah)

It is one o'clock---Han-shi-mnikka (Hahn-she-eem-nee-kkah)

It is two thirty---tu-shi-sam-ship-poon-imnida (tu-she-sahm-she-poon-eem-nee-da)

It is a quarter to four--- (Tu-shi-sah-ship-pun-imnida) (sah-she sah-ship-poon eem-nee-da)

It is seven p.m.---Ohu-ilgop-shi-imnida (Oh-hu eel-gope-she-eem-nee-da)

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