Lesson 2 - Learning How to Say the Korean National Holidays Lesson

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Lesson 2: Learning How to Say the Korean National Holidays

There are many National Holidays in Korea. Some are similar or the same as in other countries like Christmas and some are Korea's own unique Holiday's just for them. The following are the names of the Holdidays celebrated in Korea followed by an explanition on what the Holiday is about.

January 1st---New Year's Day---Shin-jeong/Seol-lal (Sheen-jong/Sole-lahl)

Lunar New Year---Ku-jeong/seol-lal (Koo-jong/sole-lahl)

Depending on the family's preferences, New Year's Day is celebrated according to either the solar or lunar calendar. It is the most important holiday for Koreans, with family members getting together for festive meals.


March 1st---Independence Day---Sam-il-jeol (Sahm-eel-jole)

Commemoration of the March 1, 1919 independence movement against the Japanese occupation of Korea.


April 5th---Arbor day---Shing-mo-gil (Sheeng-moh-geel)

To promote the reforestation of Korea, trees are planted around the country.


Eighth Day, Fourth Lunar Month Buddha's Birthday

Ceremonies are conducted in Buddhist temples across the country to celebrate the event.


May 5th---Childrens Day---Eo-rin-i-nal (Oh-reen-ee-nahl)

A day to celebrate the youth of Korea.


June 6th---Memorial Day---Hyeon-chung-il (Hee-yone-chung-eel)

A tribute to those who died in the war


July 17th---Constitution Day---Che-heon-jeol (Chay-hone-jole)

Observance of the proclamation of the Constitution on July 17, 1948


August 15---Liberation Day---Kwang-bok-jjeol (Kwang-bohk-jole)

Commemoration of the Japanese acceptance of Allied terms of surrender in 1945, which included the liberation of Korea.


Fifteenth Day, Eighth Lunar Month---Chu-seok (Choo-soke)

The second most important holiday in Korea, Chu-seok is a thanksgiving celebration in early fall marked with visiting family members and paying respect to ancestors.


October 1st---Armed Forces Day---Kuk-kkun-eui nal (Kuke-kune-hwee nahl)

This holiday is celebrated with colorful parades and military ceremonies.


October 3rd---National Foundation Day---Kae-cheon-jeol (Kay-chone-jole)

The commemoration of the founding of Korea by the legendary Tan-gan, who is said have established the kingdom of Choson in 2333 B.C.


October 9th---Hangul Day---Han-geul-lal (Hahn-kule-lal)

The anniversary of the promulgation of han-gul, the Korean script developed in 1443 during the reign of King Sejong.


December 25---Christmas Day---Seong-tan-jeol/Keu-ri-seu-ma-seu-mal (Song-tahn-jole/Koo-ree-suu-mah-mal)

We all I know this holiday well. Celebrated all over the country the Koreans follow the same custom with Christmas tree's and presents.

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