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The following words are words that could be classified as "Time Phrase's." A time phrase can be any word that has to do with a perticular time sequence. Such as yesterday, or today, or three days from now. With words like "3 days ago" Sam-il-cheon (Sahm-eel-chone) and "by tuesday" Hwa-yo-il-kka-ji(Hwah-yo-eel-kah-chee) are phrases that can be subsituted by another word just by adding it. For example "3 days ago" Sam-il-cheon (Sahm-eel-chone) can be changed to "2 days ago" I-il-chone (Ee-eel-chone) just by substituting 3 for 2. Please notice the trends in some of the phrases and the rules that apply to them.

Today---O-neul (Oh-nule)

Yesterday---Eo-je (Oh-jay)

The day before yesterday---Keu-jeo-kke (Koo-cho-kay)

Tomorrow---Nae-il (Nay-eel)

The day after tomorrow---Mo-re (Moh-ray)

Two days after tomorrow---Keul-pi (Kule-pee)

This week---I-beon-ju (Ee-bone-chu)

Last week---Chi-nan-ju (Chee-nan-chu)

Next week---Ta-eum-ju (Tah-reum-chu)

For one week---Il-ju-il-gan (Eel-chu-eel-gan)

For two weeks---I-ju-il-gan (Ee-chu-eel-gan)

For one day---Ha-ru (Hah-roo)

For two days---It-teul-gan (Eet-tule-gan)

Three days ago---Sam-il-cheon (Sam-eel-chone)

Four months ago---Sa-gae-weol-cheon (Sah-gay-wole-chone)

Five years ago---O-nyeon-cheon (Oh-neeyone-chone)

This year---Keum-nyeon (Kume-neeyone)

Last year---Chang-nyeon (Chang-neeyone)

Next year---Nae-nyeon (Nay-neeyone)

At night---Pam-e (Pahm-may)

In summer---Yeo-reum-e (Yoh-rume-eh)

In winter---Kyeo-u-re (Keeyo-oo-ray)

By Tuesday---Hwa-yo-il-ka-ji (Hwah-yo-eel-kah-chee)

By June---Yu-weol-il-ka-ji (Yoo-wole-eel-kah-chee)

By Morning---A-chim-ka-ji (Ah-cheem-kah-chee)

What's todays date?---O-neu-reun-myeo-chil-i-e-yo? (Oh-nule-rune-mee-yo-cheel-ee-eh-yo)

It is ____.---____-i-e-yo. (___ee-eh-yo)

This morning---O-neul a-chim (Oh-nule Ah-cheem)

This afternoon---O-neul o-hu (Oh-nule Oh-hoo)

This evening---O-neul cheon-nyeok (Oh-nule chone-neeyoke)

Tonight---O-neul-pam (Oh-nule-bahm)

Tomorrow night---Nae-il-pam (Nay-eel-bahm)

For six years---Yung-nyeon-gan (Yung-neeyone-gahn)

For seven months---Chil-gae-weol-gan (Cheel-gay-wole-gahn)

In the morning---A-chim-e (Ah-cheem-may)

In the afternoon---O-hu-e (Oh-hoo-eh)

In the evening---Cheo-nyeok-e (Cho-neeyoke-eh)

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