Intermediate - Lesson 5 - Counting Days, Weeks, and Years Lesson

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Counting the days in Korean such as saying one day, two days, and three days is very simple. All you have to do is take the Pure korean number system such as Hana, tul, and set and add the proper ending.

One day---Ha-ru (Hah-roo)

Two days---Iteul (Ee-tule)

Three days---Sa-heul (Sah-hule)

Four days---Na-heul (Nah-hule)

Five days---Tat-sae (Tah-say)

Six days---Yeot-sae (Yote-say)

Seven days---I-re (Ee-ray)

Eight days---Yeo-deu-re (Yo-tu-ray)

Nine days---A-heu-re (Ah-hoo-ray)

Ten days---Yeo-reul (Yo-rule)

When counting weeks in Korean the word for week is Chu-il (Chu-eel) and basically you take the Chinese derived numbers such as Il, I, sam, sa, and O and add Chu-Il at the end. Simple right?

One week---Il-chu-il (Eel-choo-eel)

Two weeks---I-chu-il (Ee-choo-eel)

Three weeks---Sam-chu-il (Sam-choo-eel)

Four weeks---Sa-chu-il (Sah-choo-eel)

Five weeks---O-chu-il (Oh-choo-eel)

Six weeks---Yuk-chu-il (Yuke-choo-eel)

Seven weeks---Chil-chu-il (Cheel-choo-eel)

Eight weeks---Pal-chu-il (Pahl-choo-eel)

Nine weeks---Ku-chu-il (Koo-choo-eel)

Ten weeks---Ship-chu-il (Sheep-choo-eel)

When counting years in Korean the word for Year is Nyeon and just like counting the weeks in Korean you are using the Chinese derived number system and adding the word Nyeon at the end.

One year---Il-nyeon (Eel-nee-yone)

Two years---I-nyeon (Ee-nee-yone)

Three years---Sam-nyeon (Sahm-nee-yone)

Four years---Sa-nyeon (Sah-nee-yone)

Five years---O-nyeon (Oh-nee-yone)

Six years---Yuk-nyeon (Yuke-nee-yone)

Seven years---Chil-nyeon (Cheel-nee-yone)

Eight years---Pal-nyeon (Pahl-nee-yone)

Nine years---Ku-nyeon (Koo-nee-yone)

Ten years---Ship-il-nyeon (Sheep-Eel-nee-yone)

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